Winter Storage Tips

12 October 2023
2 mins read

Its that time of year again. Colder days, darker nights and spring seems such a long way away. However warmer days will be here before you know it and you will be needing your garden equipment. Here we discuss a few tips for you this winter to ensure your machines are up to scratch come springtime.

For most people winter is a quiet time for gardening, but it may be a good idea to set aside some time to look after your hibernating garden tools. In order to get the same performance next spring, it is important to service your hedgetrimmers, strimmer’s, ride on lawnmowers and walk behind lawnmowers before you put them away. There are several great tips and tricks to keep in mind which we will discuss, however we would also recommend visiting your local service centre for an in depth full service.

Top tips and tricks before storing:

  1. Wet grass is very corrosive. This is why cleaning your machine thoroughly before storing is very important.
  2. Most fuel has a shelf life of 10-14 days. If fuel is left in the tank during long periods of time this can cause many non start problems. Our service technicians will use Aspen fuel on all servicing. You can use aspen fuel, a fuel additive or simply drain the machine of fuel before storing.
  3. If your machine is battery assisted or battery powered we recommend a trickle charge once a month. This will keep your battery replenished. Remember batteries do not like extreme temperatures, so try and store batteries where it isn’t too cold.
  4. Check all blades and belts for any wear and tear. Replace if required.
  5. Remove strimmer line and soak in fresh water during the winter, this will maintain its flexibility.
  6. Take your machine to your local service centre, here at Tuxford Lawnmower centre we carry out extensive servicing on your machine. Our full-service procedure can be found on our website.

We hope these tips help you successfully store your garden machinery this winter.

For all winter servicing enquiries and bookings please contact us via out contact us page or call us on 01522 779110.

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