Is mulching grass good for my lawn?

27 July 2023
2 mins read

What is mulching? 

This is quite simple, instead of collecting grass into a bag, the blade is designed to chop the grass up much finer and drop the clippings back into the base of the turf where they decompose. 

How mulching works. 

During spring, summer, autumn and winter you spend good money fertilising your lawns. The grass then consumes this, along with water and sunlight and photosynthesises to produce food, it then stores this food in the leaves. When you cut your lawn, you’re throwing away a good portion of this food. If you mulch your lawn this will recycle these nutrients, fertilizing your lawn. 

Each time you mulch your lawn you are recycling the clippings; your grass will grow more and each time you are returning all the vital nutrients and moisture back into the turf. 

Did you know mulching grass clipping provides your lawn with 25% of its annual nitrogen requirements? 

What are the benefits of mulching my lawn? 

  • Saves you time
  • Feeds your lawn
  • Saves you money on fertiliser
  • Better for the environment
  • Reduces and controls lawn thatch
  • Better for the soil

Is mulching bad in any way? 

Mulching isn’t recommended when your grass is wet. Not only does it put added strain on your lawnmower it will also create lumps of grass that you will then need to remove from the lawn. When your grass is too long, mulching the lawn will not be as beneficial. Long grass is quite coarse and difficult to break down, you run the risk of adding a thatch layer. If you have lots of weeds in your lawn, you should avoid mulching. Mulching will spread the weeds and make the problem much worse. If you have weeds in your lawn, treat the lawn before mulching. 

What equipment will I need? 

You can buy dedicated mulching lawnmowers, or you can buy lawnmowers that will mulch and collect, they will use a mulching plug. This is a shoe that completes the shape of the deck blocking up the chute. 

For more information of what mulching lawnmower would suit you and your lawn please contact our technical team on 01522 779110 or browse our online shop. 

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