How to store lawnmower batteries during the winter

21 July 2023
2 mins read

You may own a petrol-powered product which has electric start and therefore has a battery. Or you may own one of the latest technology battery powered products that are becoming very popular. Even though battery powered products require less maintenance than fuel powered products, when it comes to winter, battery powered products still require proper care to continue working as they should. 

This is our simple guide to keeping your battery in tip top condition ready for spring. 

  • Remove your battery from the machine and keep it somewhere cool and dry and protected from the frost. Batteries drain of power when cold, if a battery charge is taken to low the cells may die and not recharge. Resulting in a new battery. 
  • Pop your battery on a trickle charge once a month over night, this will keep your battery powered and topped up. 
  • This may sound bonkers, but make sure everything is turned off. Remove the key to be sure. 

With these three simple steps, this should save our battery and save you having to dig into your pocket for a new battery. 

For more information on how to look after your garden machinery during the winter months please contact us on 01522779110. 

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