The Ultimate Lawnmower Buyers Guide!

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There are so many factors to buying the perfect lawnmower and it can be a bit of a mind field if you have never chosen garden machinery before. Don’t Panic!! We are here to make choosing your lawnmower quick and easy.


First off you need to decide on a few things…….

  • How much grass you are going to be cutting, small, medium or large garden?
  • What type of finish you would like? Stripe or no stripe.
  • Would you like to collect the grass or mulch the grass?
  • How much money are you prepared to spend?
  • The ease of use of your lawnmower? Self-propelled or hand propelled? Hydrostatic or manual?
  • Petrol, Electric or Cordless?

 We are going to guide you through all those questions below. So lets get going.


Small, Medium or Large Garden…

Small Garden.


If you have a small garden you will want to choose a lawnmower which is:

  • Small and light for ease of manoeuvrability into compact areas
  • Easy to set up and pack away if storage space is limited
  • Cutting width between 13” – 16”
  • Electric, cordless or petrol
Medium Garden


If you have a medium sized garden you will want to choose a lawnmower which is:

  • Self-propelled to eliminate you having to push your lawnmower
  • Easy to manoeuvre around obstacles
  • Cutting width between 18” – 22”
  • Petrol powered.
  • Cordless (check run time)


Large Gardens

If you have a large garden you will want to choose a lawnmower which is:

  • Self-propelled to eliminate having to push your lawnmower
  • Cutting width, no smaller than a 22” cut, if you wish to use a ride on lawnmower the smallest ride on lawnmower generally starts at 27” cutting width up to 48” for a domestic user.
  • If you have any compact areas, you will need to choose a lawnmower that can be manoeuvred easily or has a smaller turning circle.
  • Mulching is a great option for larger gardens as you do not have to dispose of grass clippings. There are lawnmowers available which have options to both collect and mulch.


Types of finish on your lawn…..




If you like the idea of having pronounced stripes on your lawn, then a rear roller rotary lawnmower, a cylinder lawnmower or a ride on lawnmower with a rear roller is going to be the best option for you.

Benefits of Rear Roller Rotary Lawnmowers and cylinder lawnmowers
  • Defined stripe
  • Lower height of cut
  • Easier a cut dropped edges without falling into your flower bed
  • Bumps are not scalped. The lawnmower tends to glide over any slight undulations
  • The roller has a slight firming action flattening any divots or worm casts.


Downsides to a Rear Roller Rotary Lawnmower and cylinder lawnmowers
  • Heavier than a four-wheeled rotary lawnmower
  • More expensive than a four-wheeled rotary lawnmower
  • If cutting uphill when wet, it may struggle to get traction on the grass
  • Cylinder lawnmowers requires your lawn be clear of all stones and debris and mustn’t be too undulating


Benefits of a ride on lawnmower with a roller
  • Defined stripe
  • Flattens out lumps and bumps


Downsides to a ride on lawnmower with a roller
  • Can be much longer in size so manoeuvrability around objects is limited
  • Usually not a direct grass collection system, meaning collection of the grass is not as efficient.
  • May struggle to collect when wet


Let’s talk about mulching….


Mulching is becoming a very popular option when it comes to cutting your lawn. There are many benefits to mulching your grass and with most lawnmowers now offering the option of collection and mulching, what could be better?

  • No grass clippings to dispose of
  • Regulates the temperature of your lawn and reduces the evaporation of moisture
  • Food or your lawn - it has been estimated that mulched clippings, which are 85 percent water and five percent nitrogen can provide up to 25 percent of fertilizer needs for an average lawn
  • No need to keep stopping to empty your grass bag.


Downsides of mulching
  • If mulching the lawn when wet or long you will find clumps of grass being left on top of your lawn
  • If trying to mulch weeds, you may end up spreading seeds and producing even more weeds


Money, Money, Money……


There are so many products on the market these days and when it comes to buying that perfect lawnmower how do you know how much to spend and whether it will be the best lawnmower for you?


Lawnmowers can be picked up very cheap, but you must know there are a lot of inferior products on the market when it comes to garden machinery I would always recommend buying from a reputable dealer, who can back up your machine with warranty if anything does happen to go wrong. Preferably choose somewhere that has a workshop facility for repairs or a company which can personally deal with any warranty problems you may have.


Always research the make of lawnmower you are thinking of purchasing. There are some very well-known brands of lawnmowers out there, and spare parts if required, are readily available for them.


If you do choose one of the unknown budget brand lawnmowers do be aware if a problem does occur, you may find it very difficult to get your product repaired.
The engine is a very important part of your lawnmower. The main engine brands for petrol lawnmowers are Briggs & Stratton, Honda & Kawasaki. You will pay more money for a lawnmower which has these engines, but it is well worth it.

Ease of use……


Hand propelled or self-propelled? Hydrostatic or Manual drive? Which one is for you and what is the difference?


Hand propelled means to physically push the lawnmower, this may be suitable if you have a smaller lawn or you use cutting the grass as a good excuse for a workout. This may prove difficult on larger lawns or lawns with an incline.


Self-propelled means the lawnmower will drive itself. This is generally on a lever which you can engage and disengage, therefore if you need to push the lawnmower around any hard to reach areas this is possible. Some lawnmowers offer variable speed options, this means the lawnmower can self-propel at different speeds, appose to one fixed speed.
Hydrostatic drive on ride on lawnmowers means that you simple have an infinite speed control for forwards and backwards and no selection of gears is required. This is a great option if you have any shunting around boarders or trees or if you have corners to go around.


Manual drive on ride on lawnmowers means that you must select the gear you wish to use. Ride on lawnmowers generally have 5 gears forward and 1 gear for reverse. Unlike a car, you do select the gear in which you intend to use, and you do not go up or down the gears to change speed. This can sometimes prove difficult if you have any tight areas or corners to go around. Manual drive is great for paddocks where you are simply driving up and down the paddock without having to manoeuvre around any obstacles. 

Petrol, Electric or Cordless, which one to choose?

Let’s go through some pro’s and con’s of each one:

Electric pro’s
  • Quiet when in use
  • Easy to store
  • No need for fuel
  • Very little maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Smaller cutting width than most petrol lawnmowers
  • No emissions, environmentally friendly
  • Easy to start

Electric con’s
  • You must be aware of the electric cord always
  • Mustn’t be used in wet weather
  • Not ideal for large gardens due to having to use extension cables
  • Not as powerful as petrol lawnmowers
  • Not as robust as petrol lawnmowers


Cordless pro’s
  • Quiet when in use
  • Easy to store
  • No need for fuel
  • Lightweight
  • No electric cable
  • No emissions, environmentally friendly
  • Easy to start


Cordless Con’s
  • Mustn’t be used in wet weather
  • Limited underload time
  • Not as robust as petrol lawnmowers
  • Not as powerful as petrol lawnmowers


Petrol pro’s
  • More robust than electric or cordless
  • Wider selection available when choosing cutting width
  • More powerful than a cordless or electric lawnmower
  • Can be used in all weather conditions
  • Unlimited cutting time


Petrol con’s
  • Generally heavier than electric or cordless
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Nosier than petrol or electric lawnmowers
  • Releases emissions

I hope you have found this ‘ultimate lawnmower buyers guide’ helpful. If you are still struggling to decide on which lawnmower is going to the best for you then please do not hesitate to contact us here at Tuxford Lawnmower Centre. You can call us on 01522779110 Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm or Saturday 9am- 1pm or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Why not call in to our showroom and have a chat, we’re located on the A1133 Gainsborough Road, Girton

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