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How to change and clean your spark plugs


When it comes to your lawnmower firing up you need thank your spark plug for that. Spark Plugs play a vital role in the ignition process and if they are worn or dirty, your engine won’t start or you’ll have to try many times to fire it up.

Spark plugs should be checked regularly during the mowing season as part of your maintenance routine.

They need to be checked or replaced:
            *Once each season  
            *After 25 Hours of Use
            *If your lawnmower or garden machine will not start.


How to Check for a Fouled or Damaged Spark Plug
1)Disconnect the spark plug lead. Clean the area around the spark plug.
2)Remove the spark plug with a spark plug socket.
3)Clean the plug with a wire brush. Never clean a spark plug with a shot blaster or abrasives.
4)Inspect the spark plug for deposits, cracks or burns. If these exist, replace the spark plug.

5)Check the spark plug gap and adjust, if necessary.
6)Replace the plug, re-attach the spark plug lead and start your engine.

How to Change a Spark Plug

1)Locate the correct spark plug(s) and adjust gap settings.
2)Disconnect the spark plug lead and remove with a spark plug socket.
3)Replace with your new plug and re-attach the spark plug lead.


If you need any advise on which spark plug your engine requires please contact us on 01522779110.


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